Polskie Uczelnie w rankingach światowych


One of the main goals of the reform of the higher education and science in Poland – introduced on the basis of ”The Law on Higher Education and Science” from July 20, 2018 – is raising the level of scientific research and their greater internationalization. Solutions, introduced by the Law in the field of support of research universities – based on the international standards – create new opportunities to improve the position of the Polish HEIs in global academic rankings, including those „by subject”. This requires a deeper understanding of the specificity of these rankings and the proper targeting of the university’s efforts.

In this context, “Perspektywy” Education Foundation undertook the implementation of the two-year project of “academic excellence” – the International Visibility Project (IntVP) – which will contribute to:

  • educating and shaping professional staff, both at managerial and specialist level at leading HEIs, competent in the area of academic rankings and knowing key aspects of creating a University international reputation,
  • increasing the visibility and image building of Polish universities at the international scene,
  • finally, as the result of the implemented and completed activities, raising the position of Polish HEIs in the international academic rankings.

One of the basic elements of the International Visibility Project (IntVP) is “University Ranking Audit”, conducted twice. The first Audit will be held in 2019. The conclusions of this audit (and the recommendations formulated) will then be the reference point for activities undertaken by the universities in the following stages of the project implementation. The other audit will be carried out in the second half of 2020, at the end of the project implementation.

The Audit will be carried out by the Audit Team (two people, at least) indicated by the Project Coordinator – in close cooperation with the ”Project Ranking Group” at the university. The basis of the evaluation of the university will be the “Self-Assessment Report” prepared by the HEI itself. External data on the HEIs obtained from the sources like the Central Statistical Office, POL-on, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, scientific data made available by international companies (Elsevier, Clarivate Analytics), ranking data and others will also be used.

“University Ranking Audit” pursues:

  • identification of the HEI’s position in both institutional rankings and rankings “by subject” – along with the long-term trends analysis in this area and the rank improvement forecast,
  • pointing out the strengths and the weaknesses of the HEI from the point of view of the rankings,
  • recommending the HEIs a set of substantive and organizational activities (jointly elaborated), concentrated on the improvement of their ranking positions,
  • monitoring (during the course of the project) of the recommendations’ implementation.